Monday, May 27, 2013


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I don't know why it isn't allowing people to view it in HD..i'll try and sort that out for the next video

Friday, May 24, 2013

Making a youtube video..........TOMORROW?!

Hello lovelies! Didn't I tell you exciting news was on the way? Yes, the title you have read is correct...I ... will be filming my first youtube video....TOMORROW...Ok well I must admit this isn't my first it's my second but I hated my other two so I deleted them the next day...But tomorrow I hope to film a decent one! I will be doing a Get ready with me :) I love those ones, they are fast and fun and I love seeing the transformation! What kind of other videos would you like to see me do? I am SO open to ideas!

so keep your eyes pealed on this blog ladies and gents!!!


Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hello lovelies, sorry it has been so long! Yesterday I went on a tiny little shopping trip to pick up a few things (although I only ended up getting 2 items). One thing that I have seen and that I have been LOVING are peplum shirts/dresses! I find them so flattering and hides all that needs to be hidden! ;) So in h&m I saw the perfect patterned peplum shirt and i'm in LOVE
What do you think of peplum shirts? Let me know in the comment box below! xxxx

Here is me in the one I got from H&M ^

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Obsession: Patterned Pants

Why hello lovelies, such a long time since I've posted! School has been CRAZY so I apologize for my lack of posts....... today is a fashion post and it is my all time FAVOURITE spring trend right now....Patterned pants... I love love love this spring trend and I have gotten my hands on a few pairs... A lot of people seem to think if you have a curvier build (especially in the lower half) you can't pull off a bold pattern pant...THAT IS SO NOT TRUE! Find the style of pant that enhances your body and EMBRACE THE CURVES! I definitely have a curvier body then most of my friends do, I have a big bootay and thighs but that is not stopping me! The pants I bought really give my lower half a lovely silhouette and I feel so confident rocking them! BE CONFIDENT :)

Here are some pictures of my favourite patterns I've seen along with some of my own! xx

Love the high waist on these
I love this tropic/forest print..
So, I grabbed my own pair!
^My pair :)
Love the pastel colours
One of my best friends bought me these ah-maaaazing pants! ^^ They are so flattering for curves and they just look freaking awesome! They have a high waist which I love and I honestly just think the look of these are so cool.... I love to pair these with a bright mint mint top :)
So this next pair I bought myself a while ago and I have worn them SO often it's ridiculous.. BUT I JUST LOVE THEM!!!
I think the pattern on these bad boys are so amazing.. I think it's a peacock feather?
What are your favourite fashion trends this spring? Comment below! x