Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hair Obsession: Messy Bob

Hello pretties! A beauty post today! Yay! So recently I have been obsessed with a certain hairstyle..this hairstyle is the messy bob. When I was younger (I want to say early early teens or right before my teens) I always had my hair very short, and one time I wanted to be very risky and get a super short "bob".. it turned out awful and was not what I wanted so I have been scarred ever since and have kept my hair super long. I think I may keep my hair long for another year as I have prom this coming June, but after that it may be time for a risky change. Lately I have seen photos on tumblr and such of these messy bobs and I am in LOVE. I am not a fan of a clean cut all length crisp bob, but these uneven, messy jagged ones look so fashion forward and hip to me!

Here are some of my favourites that I've found on the interwebz

 I guess this is a bit longer than an actual "bob" but I looove this hair style, it's choppy, messy... love! Alexa always rocks this hair amazingly.

I think this style of bob is fantastic. I love how it is a bit longer on the side that her bangs are, and again it is super choppy and jagged. It would be a completely different look if the hair was cut perfectly even and straight.
I saw this photo on tumblr and I think this is what got me started on a messy bob. Again I LOVE how it is a bit longer on her bangs side, and again you can tell even on the other side the hair is not cut perfectly even. It makes it look a lot edgier.
I came across this photo online and I thought it was a great one to show because it shows all angles. This is called a graduating bob. I think it's a bit dramatic then the other ones if you look online. You can see from all angles the hair is cut in layers, and at different choppy lengths. It is not a straight across clean cut bob.
How do you feel about the messy bob? Tell me below! Do you have a specific hairstyle you're obsessed with? Be sure to comment that as well!
Hugs xx

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