Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kate Middleton Fashion Series Part 1- Royal Fashion

Why hello lovelies, hope you all are enjoying your day! In honour of all this royal excitment I am going to be doing a Kate Middleton fashion post! There will be 4 parts to this series; Royal fashion, Pregnant fashion, gala/event fashion,  and fascinators. Kate Middleton to me has the best style I have seen. It is classic, elegant, and beautiful- exactly how a duchess should dress! I am always excited to see what she will where to an event, and she always looks absolutely stunning. So let's get started!

Here are some of my favourite looks of Kate before her pregnancy! I call this the Royal fashion because it is so classic and are looks she wore for specific royal events.

 How cute does she look! Pretty in pink!

My favourite dress Kate has worn

I would DIE for that coat! LOVE!

Does she not just look so classy in this coat dress for st patricks day?! SO ADORABLE! 
 I absolutely adored her outfits when she came to Canada, and being a Canadian I especially loved how she tried to incorporate our colours and the maple leaf in her fascinators! Thanks Kate! xx
Kate's Canada look #2  
I couldn't find a better quality photo for this outfit but I LOVE the all white look on Kate, so simple and elegant.. I also adore this tutu style coat!

Oh how cute is this a-line yellow trench?!
Like this post? Stay tuned for the second part to the Kate Middleton fashion series! Next up: Gala fashion... I will show my favourite glam looks Kate has absolutely rocked!
-And a big congratulations to Will and Kate on their baby boy!
hugs xx


Friday, July 19, 2013

NEONS- Do you dare to try?

Hello lovelies..another fashion post! Right now the sun is shining, the heat is heavy- it is most definitely SUMMER! For me, I love to have bright colours in the summer, and neons are just the way to make your outfits POP for summer!
Neons can be a great way to really brighten up your look and take your look from bland to glam.
Here are some of my favourite looks i've found online.

I love this mix of a neon pink and that gorgeous neon yellow bag!
I adore this neon orange top!


I love the way these super neon yellow skirts are worn! A casual darker top can make tone down the craziness of the colour so you don't feel too much, but also really make it pop!

Adding an accent neon through accessories is one awesome way to really make an outfit that much more fun, without you feeling out of your comfort zone! Neon shoes, clutches even accessories can make a huge difference to an outfit if you don't want a huge statement piece like a top or skirt!
Have fun with your wardrobe! Play around with colours, patterns... BE YOU! :)xx
hugs xxxxx

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feathers Galore... I Die!

Hello lovelies! Time for a fashion post..
Now this... this has got to be in my top favourite red carpet looks of ALL TIME! Eva Longoria in a stunning feather dress at the Cannes 2012 Festival.... Now this to me is not "so last year" and it will never go out of style.. It's classic, elegant.. and absolutely STUNNING

 The detailing of this dress is absolutely stunning. This gown is girly, edgy, classy and just darn beautiful! I love how it cascades behind her and I love how it looks painted on to her body because of the nude mesh material.
what are some of your favourite red carpet looks? comment below!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I feel happy oh so HAPPY :)

Hello lovelies.... first of all let me start off by saying I apologize for not blogging in FOREVER, I guess I had bloggers block? But I am back and I am ready to go!

Today I met up with my lovely friend Sarah who I absolutely adore. We kind of have a tradition of going to starbucks and chatting...it's just what we do. But today we took it to another level.... We hadn't seen each other in a while so we planned a starbucks date! Little did we know..we would end up sitting at starbucks talking for SIX HOURS!!!!!! Yep, you read that right... We talked, and talked, and talked.. I swear we could have went on forever. I honestly enjoyed every single minute of it... we had inspiring chats, typical girl chats and just the type of chats you see in movies. We honestly had to force ourselves to leave because we looked down at our phones and realized..what a second...it's 6 o'clock...WE'VE BEEN HERE SINCE TWELVE!!!!!! It was the most loveliest day, we sat and sipped our drinks (which we ended up getting 2 orders of , because you know talking for 6 hours, you get a little thirsty) had some sweets, and that's about it! But that's the thing.... I literally had one of the best days I've had in a LONG time, but we did nothing but sit and talk? Nothing fancy, nothing crazy... but I loved every minute of it. I feel inspired, I feel happy, and I feel as though i'm in a very happy place right now.
So my lovelies... find friends who inspire you, who make your soul happy- and when you do, keep them close.

Stay beautiful xxxx

ps miss Sarah has a blog! check her out! :)