Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Obsession: Patterned Pants

Why hello lovelies, such a long time since I've posted! School has been CRAZY so I apologize for my lack of posts....... today is a fashion post and it is my all time FAVOURITE spring trend right now....Patterned pants... I love love love this spring trend and I have gotten my hands on a few pairs... A lot of people seem to think if you have a curvier build (especially in the lower half) you can't pull off a bold pattern pant...THAT IS SO NOT TRUE! Find the style of pant that enhances your body and EMBRACE THE CURVES! I definitely have a curvier body then most of my friends do, I have a big bootay and thighs but that is not stopping me! The pants I bought really give my lower half a lovely silhouette and I feel so confident rocking them! BE CONFIDENT :)

Here are some pictures of my favourite patterns I've seen along with some of my own! xx

Love the high waist on these
I love this tropic/forest print..
So, I grabbed my own pair!
^My pair :)
Love the pastel colours
One of my best friends bought me these ah-maaaazing pants! ^^ They are so flattering for curves and they just look freaking awesome! They have a high waist which I love and I honestly just think the look of these are so cool.... I love to pair these with a bright mint mint top :)
So this next pair I bought myself a while ago and I have worn them SO often it's ridiculous.. BUT I JUST LOVE THEM!!!
I think the pattern on these bad boys are so amazing.. I think it's a peacock feather?
What are your favourite fashion trends this spring? Comment below! x

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