Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some Girls Are Just Born With Glitter In Their Veins............

Hello pretties! I am deciding to call you all pretty from now on? Is that ok? Today's post is about letting yourself SHINE, letting yourself SPARKLE. Some girls (and boys) are just born with an extra little sparkle in their veins.... a sparkle that deserves to be shown! Lovelies, do not hold yourself back. If you have ambitions, passions, dreams and goals- LET YOUR GLITTER SHINE! Make all those hopes and dreams a reality! Some of us want to be doctors, some of us want to be vets, secretary, teacher, and some, some just want to shine. Whatever your dream is, whatever your goal may be always remember to never hold back. If you are feeling this feeling of passion, a feeling that you need to make something of yourself, that is your glitter, your sparkle trying to be released into the world. If you have glitter in your veins, share that glitter with the world, let the glitter sparkle through your face like a disco ball. Everyone has a purpose in this world... it's our job as individuals to find our purpose and share it with the world. Be fabulous, be you, be everything you want to be because if you dream it can happen, it can.
What are some of your dreams? Big or small! Share them below...

Hugs xx

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