Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kate Middleton Fashion Series Part 2- Gala Fashion

Hello pretties! The Kate Middleton Fashion series has returned! If you haven't seen part 1 to this series click here.
This second part of the series is all about Kate's beautiful and elegant fashion when she attends gala's and events and is not in her proper "royal" wear. Let's take a looksey at some of my favourite looks!

Kate looks absolutely stunning in this gown, it is simple but absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the light lilac colour, and that jeweled belt adds the perfect royal touch. Kate has a very small frame but this gown falls perfectly on her and is not too overwhelming.. SHE wears this dress, it definitely does not wear her! Her hair with the gown is perfect as well, not too done up- she looks effortlessly beautiful.

 I think we can all agree that this colour is STUNNING on Kate, and definitely not an easy colour to pull off. The lace shoulders definitely add a beautiful but also risqué effect to this gown, and I love how the lace peeps through at the neckline as well in the cut outs on her waist which help show her tiny frame. Absolutely beautiful

 THIS DRESS...I CAN'T! IT'S OH SO BEAUTIFUL! Is it just me or does this gown have a mermaid feel? But in the best way! I loooove the pink/silver colour with a metallic "coat" over top if you will...and the cut out details are gorgeous! They are done perfectly so the dress stays classy and elegant and not rugged. And those chiffon shoulders....I love

This last look is definitely very simple, but beautiful. It takes quite the woman to pull of such a look like this. It could make a lot of people look very washed out since it is such a plain dress and also very long (sleeves and legs) with also a very high neckline. But Kate, as always makes it look high fashion. Even though this dress is very plain, it is quite stunning. The slit at the legs give it that extra unf, and the way it is fitted, yet still flows beautifully.
Well that is it! A few of my favourite looks Kate has worn. I hope you enjoyed the second part to my Kate Middleton fashion series! Next up..pregnancy fashion! What is your favourite look of Kate's from here? Or of hers to date? Let me know in the comments below!
Hugs xxxxx

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