Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mix n Match- Print CRAZY!

Hiiiii pretty people of the internet.... happy Tuesday! I am very excited about today's post which is all about mixing prints. Oh I can just hear some of you cringe! But YES lovelies, it is totally ok to now mix and match crazy prints! I have seen this happening a lot in fashion magazines lately and I have absolutely fallen in love with this trend. I honestly never even considered matching bold prints together because I thought it was just a major fashion no no...well, safe to say I am definitely going to be mixing prints from now on! HELLO FUN FASHION!

Ok, I am obsessed with this outfit. It's so cool and chilled out but so fun. That blouse to me looks like some sort of animal, maybe a dog or horse? either way I ADORE it, I think a funky print of dogs or something is soooo cute. and look at that skirt! another crazy print, but goes so perfectly with that top. Mix and match A+
Ahhhh! Now this, this is my favourite. I think these two prints look so perfect together, and I love how it is sort of a mix of contrasting colours. These prints look really polished together and add a really girly feel. They are both super busy prints but look how well they go together!
I LOVE the look of mixing a classic, neutral vertical stripe piece with a vibrant crazy print. This look is sophisticated but oh so fun! The top is very simple and neutral so it is totally ok to mix it with a bold coloured print skirt like the one above! LOVE!
And lastly, I thought this was a cool picture to show because it shows you can mix multiple prints together and still keep the look very toned down and simple! This gorgeous street style lady is mixing together a total of 4 prints! Crazy right?! Her shoes are very casual but are printed ( I can't tell what type of print but it looks like bows or something?), she has a light flower printed wash jean which is great because the light wash tones it down a bit, again we see a classic NEUTRAL vertical stripe top, and then she has a funky polka dotted scarf which is a bit vibrant then the rest of her pieces to add an extra pop! All of these colours and prints blend together perfectly and I think this is such a cool outfit.
Well lovelies I hope you enjoyed this post! What do you think of mixing prints? Love or hate? And which look out of these 4 is your favourite!? Tell me in the comments below!
Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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