Saturday, June 8, 2013

Exciting News..........................

Hello my lovelies, sorry again for the lack of posting (school and work are driving me CRAZY!) But today I would like to share some very exciting news!
So I don't know if I've mentioned before but I absolutely love musical theatre/plays/acting/singing/dancing..... so whenever auditions for my school's yearly musical rolls around i'm all on it! Recently my school has added in a musical theatre course! So now we practice the musical during class and get graded on it- this will help me immensely when I apply to university for theatre. I never have had a lead role in any of our musicals and it was on my bucket list to get one. So this year we are doing 'White Christmas' and I instantly knew who I wanted to play- one of the lovely Haynes sisters "Judy". She is a singer and dancer in the film and one of the leads. I worked super hard on my audition and desperately wanted this part..... and lone be hold.... I GOT THE ROLE! I am beyond excited! I cried and jumped for joy :)

If you haven't seen 'White Christmas' I highly suggest it, it's a fun, feel good Christmas musical and I absolutely love it.. not to mention the costumes are GORGEOUS!

Here are some photos and videos! :)

My character, Judy :)

My character (right) with her sister Betty (left)

The leading ladies with their leading men!
One of my character's dance scenes!
LOVE!! Can't wait to do this :)
Today was quite the long post but I was just so excited to share with you what i'll be doing this summer and the upcoming year! What's your favourite musical or play? Tell me below! xx

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