Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Flowers Galore!

Hiya! As spring slowly creeps up (a bit faster for some of you I have seen) it is time to start whipping out those cutesy floral patterns and dresses! My personal obsession for spring :) They are so cute and perfect for every event! Here are some of my favourites I've come across:

                             This is quite the funky floral pattern, but I LOVE the boldness of it!

                                        Love love the classic tea-party-esque style on this one

Ohhhhhhh how I love those quarter-length sleeves and the big bow!!
I LOVE the colour and style of this dress Lindsay Lohan wore for her interview with David Letterman! Those bold orange flowers with purple accents is the perfect mix, especially with the t-length and high neck design! I WANT

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