Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nice hair, darlin'

Happpppy Wednesday! almost the end of the week...WE CAN DO THIS!

SO, today is a beauty post- all on my favourite hair trends that I thought I would share with you along with some tips on how to achieve them!

This is look is so simple, yet so pretty! I love the messy curl wave look, so easy to do and you're that much closer to looking like a victoria secret model! ;) I usually do it by using my 1 1/2 inch curling iron, curl my entire head then flip my head and shake it all about to mess it up and break up the curls!
Now this is one of my favourites....I love the big loose curls, they just make me feel so girly and I feel like I can rock a runway with them! for this look you can achieve it using a variety of ways...
1) Hot rollers- instead of putting them the traditional way sectioning them up the top of ur head/ sides/etc just curl them at the bottoms to get this specific look!
2) Wand- This is the newest and hottest hair tool! So easy to use...just simply wrap the BOTTOMS of your hair around the wand, hold for a few seconds, and voila! if they come out to tight, run your fingers through them
3) Straightener- Yep you heard it! If you DIDN'T know... you can achieve voluminous and bouncy curls with your straightener! Simply place the straightener on your hair, then twirl it downwards as you drag the straightener along your hair......I know sounds confusing but look it up on youtube and you'll see how easy it is!! I promise!
And lastly, the messy topknot....oh how I adore this look for those early rushed mornings!
Ok so I find these buns the easiest.....messy buns never work for me but these seem to work the best! I literally gather up all my hair, twist it, then put the hair-tie around it! The messier the better....

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