Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lipstick CRAZY

Hello lovelies
So, I thought it was time to do a beauty post! And why not kick it off with my beauty OBSESSION this season! All of a sudden I have this absolute love for lipsticks.. I never have before- but let me tell you, it is very rare I leave the house now without my lipstick. Here are my 4 favourite shades...

This one is by Mac, and it's called Ravishing.... It is a perfect coral/nude colour for spring...not too dull, not too orangy- just PERFECT! This is from their crèmesheen collection and it goes on soo nicely!
Aah so this one is by L'Oreal Paris and it's called True Red...Now, let me tell you- it took me FOREVER to find the perfect red shade, and this is just that. It is NOT too orange tinted, nor too pink tinted, it is seriously a true red. Perfect for my skin tone ( I am very pale but with rosy cheeks) I absolutely love this red and I highly recommend it for any skin tones. The consitency is amazing and it really lasts!
I LOVE THIS COLOUR SO MUCH! This is my favourite colour for spring, it is a bright bright pink By Maybelline in the colour Shocking Coral from their NEW VIVIDS collection. I really wanted to find a bright pink colour for spring just to be fun and feel girly and this one is just so perfect! AH-MA-ZING!
Okay okay I know what you're thinking... what the f%$! is this?! Trust me I had the same reaction... I was looking for a perfect plum colour, and I could not find it anywhere, when I saw this I was NOT even going to consider it..but then I was like well it won't work but i'll just put it on for giggles...and I FELL IN LOVE! This is by Mac in the colour Feel My Pulse from their cremesheen collection as well. Just the slightest bit of this goes a long way, and for me it is the perfect purply plum I am looking for..If I want it really bold i'll apply more but again, a little is enough!
So those are my favourite colours with a little review on each! If you guys want a video of these colours showing what they look like on ... please comment below! ( I'll totally do if you guys want)

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